60 Apps in 60 Minutes


About this webmix : Lisa Johnson and Jon Samuelson Mobile 2012 presentation 60 Apps in 60 Minutes.
Created by jonsamuelson
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In A World Coach's Eye Fuzel To Me By Me Avid Studio Infographics Photo Stats Day One Photo Measures PicCal Lite Silent Film Felt Board Tracing Paper Pizza Time! iMotion HD iCardSort HyperBlast
iPen Free My SecretDiary Picturebook Phoster Codea ScrapPad ★ Mad Lips Clibe Tools4Students Albums FX Lite Snapguide Deezine iK Calendar TapTapBlocks Cinch Futaba Games Paint w/ Time Atkinson Photocard ChoiceBoard Inspiration TechChef4u TypeDrawing NoteLedge® VoiceThread Opposite Ocean StoryLines My PlayHome Corkulous bookabi Word Lens Educreations VidRhythm Videolicious Animation Desk™ QR Code Beamer
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