AZTECH Finding Good Apps


About this webmix : With so many apps out there, how do you find good ones for your students? This is a resource for finding good apps created by Az-TECH, the AT Team for the Arizona Department of Education.
Created by Az-Tech
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Arizona Department of Educat.. Fun Educational Apps for Kid.. Matt B. Gomez OT's with Apps Lauren S. Enders, MA, CCC-SL.. SpedApps2 Wiki APPS for Children Quixey
Moms With Apps Switch Access Manual FIVES BridgingApps Switch Apps KQED Power Up inov8 App Shopper iPad Apps for Dyslexia Wheel Appolicious Spectronics Apps Gone Free Bloom's Taxonomy App Wheel Autism App Wheel One Place Lillie's Pad Kathy Shrock App Rubric AAC Apps Wheel Apps for Students | Dyslexia i.AM Search Apps for UDL Smart Apps For Special Needs iEvaluate App Rubric App Rubric AAC App Comparison Chart
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