Digital Art Making


About this webmix : This is the BEST and most current webmix of online art making and learning websites you'll find. Highly recommended for Elementary to Middle School aged children!! This symbaloo is regularly updated.
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Drawing with shapes Sumopaint Artopia Art Pad Mr. Picassohead artsology: Art Games! QueekyPaint psykopaint Drawing Now BrainBashers: Optical Illusi.. Doodl Flame Painter BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF Think Draw The Children's Museum Pixlr Editor Pixel Art
Artsonia: Kids Art Museum Pollock Painting The Renaissance Connection Pixlr-o-matic Harmony Tate Kids Aniboom Animation Pixlr Express MoMA Getty Art Games FluxTime - Animation The Artist's Toolkit ColRD Labs WikiPaintings PaintBox Build a Kaleidoscope bomomo Color with Leo Google Art Project Collage Machine Haring Kids SuperDoodle Matisse for Kids Artcyclopedia Mobile Maker Mondrimat SuperDoodle II smARTkids Wallovers Paint Go Scribbler TypeDrawing Art Games! Crayola Digi-Color Create A Comic
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