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About this webmix : This webmix links to Gifted Education resources, plus tools that students can use for independent research, projects, and study.
Created by jdulaney
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Dulaney HOME GT Ed Resources Comprehension: Show Data GT 4-6 Class Example Comprehension: Symbaloo Mix Application: Build/Construct TX Assoc. for the G&T Application: Calculate Analysis: Compare Data Knowledge: Learn (General) Texas Association for the Gi.. Application: Interview Synthesis: Act/Perform Knowledge: Learn Art Cybraryman GT Catalogue
Synthesis: Network/Share Synthesis: Create Recipe Knowledge: Learn ELA Synthesis: Compose Music Synthesis: Create Visual Art Knowledge: Learn Math Knowledge: Collect Data Synthesis: Create Apps Synthesis: Create Website Knowledge: Learn Science Knowledge: Question Synthesis: Create Game Synthesis: Design Knowledge: Learn SS Knowledge: Read Application: Test & Explore Synthesis: Create Graphics Synthesis: Invent Knowledge: Remember Synthesis: Create Videos Synthesis: Program Synthesis: Create Poster Synthesis: Puzzle Synthesis: Create Photograph Synthesis QR Codes Synthesis: Cre8 Presentation Synthesis: Research Synthesis: Write/Publish
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Jayne Chapuis Fabulous webmix!! 2015-01-13
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