About this webmix : A Webmix on everything about William Shakespeare William Shakespeare, elizabethan, literature, scansion, old, english, plays, monologues, romeo and juliet, globe, iambic pentameter, company
Created by jdulaney
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Shakespeare Movie Warm-up E-Notes Intro Shakespeare's Death Biography Shakespeare Links Folger Absolute Shakespeare Biography and Works Shakespeare Portraits BBC Shakespeare Interactive Elizabethan Dictionary FAQ? artsalive Hamlet activities Resource Center Open Source Houston Shakespeare Festival Globe Theater Interactive Shakespeare Education
Shakespeare's Words Glossary Elizabethan Theatre Intro to Meter Life and Times Shakespeare Thru Performance Globe Theatre Iambic Pentameter Mr. William Shakespeare Teacher Web Resources Teaching Shakespeare Line Count No Sweat Shakespeare Facts thinkquest- Shakey's Place Web English Teacher Scansion Made Easy Quotes Timeline Shakespeare .com Interactive Romeo & Juliet The Collected Works A Year in the Life Shakespeare Online Quotes by Theme List of Characters Complete Works Shakespeare Project shakespearebot Monologues Poems Shakespeare: Subject 2 Change Plays Sonnets Shakespeare Theatre William Shakespeare Essays and Notes
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