Gaming Collection


About this webmix : A collection of gaming resources for education.
Created by Prof Whitby
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Kodu Game Lab ARIS Studio K Learning Games Network ERIA Interactive - Studio K Global Education Conference ClassBadges Stencyl GameMaker BrainPOP Raptivity Code3d Thinking Worlds Games Learning Society Kwestr Spongelab
Critical Thinking Games MOOC OpenSim Gamify My Class Blog Digital Media & Learning G.A.M.E UnSymposium Evoke Aurasma FotoSketcher Twitch GameDesk ELearningBlog Gridjumper Open Tapestry PlayMaker Games for Change Conspiracy Code CSPD Comics Library Comics! - Wow in School STEM Game Challenge Imagine Cup Caduceus CDC Zombies Comic StarLogo TNG | MIT STEP MIT Game Lab Health Law Comic Operation LAPIS Gamasutra Late Nite Labs Atlas Black comic University Gaming Gaming Scholars Serious Games White Paper
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