About this webmix : These are interactive sites for Kindergarten. Different reading skills are highlighted by using different colored tiles.
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Kindersite Bugabaloo Shoes ABCya! Busy Bees Keyboard Climber Pauly's Playhouse Penny Prizes Alphabet Match Monkey Match Zoopz Loading Shapes Letter Match Make a Word ABC CBeebies
Picture Match Chicken Coop Arty's Smarty Doors Picassohead The Quiet Machine Super Why Animal Antics Bees and Honey Fisher Price Alphabet Zoo Mini Mouse Fat Frog Frenzy Zoo Games CoCo's AdverSmarts Sand Art Mouse 1.0 Match-Up Colors Phonics Mouse Program Tidy the Classroom Fishing with Phonics Crickweb Games Fuzzy Lion Ears Building Language for Litera.. ABCD Watermelon Dog's Letter Pit | Same or Different
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