About this webmix : This is a mix of resources pertaining to Digital Citizenship. Colour Key......... Green= General, Pink= Student, Yellow= Teachers/Admin, Blue= Parents
Created by SoMe4Change
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Alec Couros Online interaction How Can Social Media Change .. Social Media Revolution 2013.. SOCIAL MEDIA 2013: STATISTIC.. Active Learning Internet changesthe world Benefits of Using Media 12 Easy Ways to Use Technolo.. Finding Your Digital Footpri.. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Media Etiquette Classes? Department of Broadband
Pros and Cons of Social Medi.. principles of Literacy Skills in School That's Not Cool Web Warriors Digital Literacy is Importa.. TeachersDigital Citizenship Internet Safety Connections Benefits Hesitant Teachers Live Binders IMPLEMENTING THE PRINCIPLES Webonauts Technology Keeping One Step Ahead A Letter To Parents social media lessons Create Family Media Agreemen.. Youth Privacy Kids & Technology
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