"The ABC Song" Letter Aa Letter Jj Letter Bb Letter Kk Letter Tt Letter Cc Letter Ll Letter Uu Letter Zz Letter Dd Letter Mm Letter Vv "Feelin' Sad and Blue," Outer Space: "I'm A Star Letter Ee Letter Nn
"When I'm Silly," We are the Planets Circles Letter Ff Letter Oo Outer Space: "I'm So Hot," T.. Squares Letter Gg Letter Pp Outer Space: "A Beautiful, B.. Rectangle Letter Hh Letter Qq Qu Time to Shine- Moon Triangles Letter Ii Letter Rr Letter Ww Body Songs: "When You Breath.. Rhombus Letter Ss Letter Xx "Love's Not Just a Word," So.. Body Songs: "Bones in Your B.. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorr.. Letter Yy "Grumpy as a Grizzly Bear," Body Songs: "Food Into Energ.. Seven Days "Happy, Happy, Happy," Body Songs: "Brain, Brain, B.. Four Seasons Body Songs: "Your Heart Has .. Twelve Months of the Year Seconds, Minutes and Hours