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Edgar (location) Edgar 2 Edgar (tome 3) Edgar (tome 4) Edgar (tome 5) Edgar at school (Tome 6) Edgar : "Can I ?" (Tome 8) Edgar : Pronouns (Tome 9) English sentences Pronouns SUBJECT Pronouns OBJECT Pron... SomeAnyNo 4HaveEn,Should Rules (MUST - MUSTN'T) Comparative Forms (School Su... Anglais 6ème Expression écri... Anglais 5ème Expression écri... Asking Questions in Four Dif... Les mots de liaison en angla... To be Le present simple (anglais) Have got HAVE (GOT) the past 6Be ing Present Continuous Preterit (be,VR,VI) PreteritToBe Irregular verbs : listen Les verbes irréguliers (angl... Site d'anglais de l'académie...
Ireland. Australia The British Isles The Commonwealth Celtic Britain Robots and technology. PPRE Anglais PPRE Anglais 2 PPRE Anglais 3 PPRE Anglais 4 PPRE Anglais 5 Cinema Tea,Hamburger and Coca Cola britishyouth crime earthquakes Jack the ripper, the Titanic... Agatha Christie and Sherlock... Revisions Vocabulary 2 : The body Vocabulary 3 : CLOTHES Clothes and Accessories Clothes and description Physical Description How to talk about your perso... My House - My Bedroom House and family Voc 10 : activities HOBBIES (Like/Love/Hate) Vocabulary 12 (sports) Voc 11 Jobs Common Jobs Vocabulary 7 : Animals Weather and seasons Vocabulary 9 : Days and mont... Numbers Numbers Voc1 : colours and numbers English food! Food and drinks Food and drinks AT SCHOOL Common Shops and Places in T... Time and Daily Routine TIME Countries Vocabulary 13 (travels and l... 6Locating Location Frequency Chores and Adverbs of Freque... CAN (Talents) St Patrick's Day Christmas Christmas Santa Claus 6 Halloween Halloween HALLOWEEN Saint Valentine's Day THANKSGIVING