Standards for Students Standards for Students Your Digital Trail  Your Digital Trail Digital Citizenship Elements Digital Citizenship Elements Lesson: Promoting Respect Lesson: Promoting Respect Lesson: Classroom Activity Lesson: Classroom Activity Lesson: Online Rules Lesson: Online Rules Lesson: Building Empathy Lesson: Building Empathy One wrong social media post... One wrong social media post... Standards for Teachers Standards for Teachers
Cyberbullying and the Law Cyberbullying and the Law Responsible Digital Citizens Responsible Digital Citizens Online Safety Online Safety Kids Help Phone Kids Help Phone Helplines and Awareness Helplines and Awareness Dealing With Cyberbullies Dealing With Cyberbullies Power of Words Video Power of Words Video Legal Consequences Legal Consequences Social Media and your Career Social Media and your Career Pause and Think Song Pause and Think Song Ashley Payne Ashley Payne

Digital Citizenship

My resources for Ethical Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying in education.

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