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When you are finished with your work (and you do not have any missing assignments or late work to complete), you may work on any of the following sites:

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Tiger Trail Cup Stacking Fast Typer Typing Speed Test Typing Games Optical Illusions 4 Optical Illusions 5 Myoats - Create Something. Coding Choice Board #1 Quick, Draw! Falling Words Typing Adventure Type Down Open in Safari 1980's Technology Mr.Doob Quicktype Typing Game Fit Brains Brain Teasers Division Millionaire Game Scratch - Coding Coding Choice Board #2 Coaster Creator Fast Typer 2 Typing Tutor Typing Bubbles Type for Gold
Make-a-Flake Outerspace Fleet Commander Videos: DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL BrainTeasers, Puzzles&Riddles Math Racing Game Create House Floor Plans Google Doodles FBI - CyberSurf Islands Coding Choice Board #1 Typing Challenge II Typing Tutor - GCFLearnfree Keyboard Alphabet Quiz Keyboard Simon Dance Mat Typing QUIA-Technology Hangman Barracuda Find These on Your Keyboard Keyboard Trivia MS Word Shortcuts Quiz Cup Stacking Tiger Trail Profile Panic Coding Choice Board #1 Typing Challenge I QUIA-Challenge Board Boggle Solver Lightbot Spelling and Vocabulary Design Resource for Kids NASA's Climate Kids Fast Typer Brainteasers - Kids Environm... Typo Digital Compass Google Doodles Homekey Kennys A Tangled Web Cool Science Careers Multiplication Block Quill Canva Support Grammar Blast For Kids News and More for the Young QUIA - Computer/Internet Coding Choice Board #1 Alphattack Snake Typing Visual Search Engine Google Drive A Google a Day Diamante Poems Acrostic Poems Stained Glass Game Sumo Paint Grammar Gorillas FBI - CyberSurf Islands Quick, Draw!