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Beginner Exercise Videos organized by time (m = minuyes) and fitness level . Red = PT and warmups, Orange = simple fitness equipment, White = dance aerobics, Green = Yoga, Blue = Higher Level Challenges, Pink = Roller massage, cooldowns, and meditation.

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PT Neck Stretch 2m Chiro Posture (wall) 3m (Bands) Core 6m PT - Dead Bug Exercise 3m (Bands) UDP Lower Body47 23m zumba basic 1.1 (15m) PT Exercises 4 Low Back 3m (Bands) UDP Upper Body5 24m Zumba Basic Lesson 1 part 2. Yoga 4 Complete Beginners 20m PT core exercises 14m (Chair) Zumba Gold 4m Zumba Basic Lesson 1 Part 3 Beginner's Yoga Class 20m Abs Of Envy Workout 21m Yoga Headache & Eye Relief 7m (Chair) Flow Yoga 62m
Intermediate Yoga Class 20m Abs of Envy (wts) 6m Roller 4 Calves 2m PT 4 Knee Pain (wts) 9m (Roller) Workout Part 1 7m Arms of Envy (wts) 18m Roller 4 Hip/Thigh 5m Step, Chair, Weights(20m) (Roller) Workout Part 2 6m Arms of Envy (wts) 6m Roller 4 Upper Back 4m Warm Up (Joint Mobility) 7m (Stability Ball) 3PT 10m Buns of Envy (wts) 21m Roller 4 Neck/Headache 4m Warm-Up 4 General Exercise 4m (Stability Ball) SP 16m Zumba Lesson 2 part 1.mov Buns of Envy (wts) 6m Roller 4 Lower Back 7m (Stability Ball) UDP 23m Zumba Basic Lesson 2 Part 2 ... Intermediate Yoga Class2 20m Legs of Envy (wts) 21m Roller Full Body Massage 9m Zumba Basic Lesson 2 Part 3 Morning Yoga Flow 17m Legs of Envy (wts) 6m Full Body Stretch 10m jillian: Yoga Meltdown1 (35... FB Low Impact Cardio 31m FB Cool Down/Full Stretch 13m JM 10 Minute Cardio 13m AB GuidedMeditation 14m Dulaney Personal Webmix