Numbers Song Colours Games 1 Colours Games 2 Colours Song Alphabet Song Family Song Family Games 1 Classroom Objects Games 1 Classroom Objects Games 2 Adjectives Song Adjectives Song
Pets Games Zoo Animals Games Farm Animals Games Sea Animals Games Toys Games 1 Toys Games 2 Articles: A - AN V. TO BE This - That This - That These - Those There is - There are Halloween Games 1 Halloween Games 2 Christmas Songs Memory Game 1 Memory Game 2 Anglomaniacy Christmas Elison Language School

ELISON Primary 2 - Term 1

Alphabet, Days, Months, Colours, Numbers, Greetings, Feelings, Jobs, Family, Adjectives, Classroom, Animals, House, Toys, Prepositions, Articles, V. TO BE, Demonstratives, There is-There are.

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