Endangered Animals

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Untitled presentation - Lexi Untitled presentation Cheyen... The Giant Chinese Salamander Polar Bear - Zoee The Great Gray Owl-Kaylee Axolotl - Trenton Sloth by Brett Leatherback Sea Turtle
Otters Coquerels Sifaka! Grant Galapagos Penguin by Lexie Snow leopards: Crystal Aye-aye: Nicole Chimpanzee: Breane Panamanian Golden Frog.: Bry... Lehmann's poison frog: Dylan Red Wolf: Luz Polar Bears by Zoee Axolotl Glog: Trenton Iberian Lynx: Ciara Florida Panther: Logan Flying Fox: Gloria The Great Gray Owl: Kaylee The Giant Chinese Salamander... Endangered Panda: Jordyn Sea turtle: Devon