CCSS ELA Standards Gr. 4 SBAC ELA Sample Items Gr. 4 Informative Module 1A Gr. 4 Informative Task Gr. 4 Close Reading Lessons Cohort 2.0 Gr4 ELA Handouts ESC NORTH LITERACY RESOURCES ESC NORTH MATH RESOURCES Cohort 2.0 G4 Math Handouts Algorithms for Add. & Sub. Multi-digit Mult. & Division If You Hopped Like a Frog Fractions ELA/ELD Framework Gr.4-5 ELA Content Specifications Gr. 4 Poetry Module 1B Gr. 4 Opinion Task K-5 Close Reading Lessons GR 4 CA CCSS ELA 1 Pager Gr 4 Cohort 2 PPT Cohort Grade 4 Math PPT CCSS GR4 Math 1 Pager The Standard Algorithm Area Model Multiplication 4.NBT.6 SCC Video Amazing Race Concept Lesson CA Framework CHAPTER 2 Gr. 4 Narrative Module 2A Gr. 4 Informative Unit More Close Reading ESCN ESCN Close Reading 4th Grade Cohort 1 Discussion Protocols Math Framework Grade 4 LAUSD Gr4 Curriculum Map Area Model Multiplication Fraction Tasks ELA/ELD Framework CA Gr. 4 Informative Module 2B Gr. 4 Opinion Unit Close Reading Posters Fluency Carousel CCSS-M Gr4 Flipbook Classroom Cheers Properties of Operations Place Value Division Video Fractions Education Week Gr. 4 Opinion Module 3A Louisiana ELA Guide Gr. 3-5 Making Inerences: Nonfiction
Where to Focus Grade 4 4.NBT.4 4.NBT.5 4.NBT.6 Tasks Rectangular Arrays Video ESC South Videos Grade 4 Gr. 4 MELD Opinion Lesson Gr. 4 Opinion Module 3B Gr. 4 Video: Making Inferenc... Mental Math Grade 4 Gr. 4-5 MELD Opinion Resourc... Gr. 4 Opinion Module 4 Close Reading Modules Grade 4 TeachingChannel Division Vid... Subtracting Equal Groups One sided Multiflow Pig Para... Flee Map Pig Parade Pig Parade Lesson Defending the Ridiculous Taking a Stand Pro and Con Cards Schools May Ban Chocolate Mi... Chocolate Milk Advertorial Chocolate Milk Sources Sugar Overload Video Flavored Milk Tasty Nutritio... Other Pro & Con Sources

Gr. 4 ESC North - LAUSD

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