About this webmix : Halloween favorites from Mrs. King's Music Room mrskingrocks.blogspot.com
Created by Mrs. King
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Five Little Pumpkins Can You Make A Happy Face Give Me Something Good to Eat The Skeleton Dance Three Scarecrows What instruments do you hear? The Spooky Bus Spooky Pooky The Skeleton Band Creepy Crawly Spider Song Candy Corn Music Puzzles
Halloween Hike -Hap Palmer Halloween Creative Movement Dabber Activities for Fall In the Hall of Mountain King Day -O The Phantom Of The Opera JAWS w and w/o Music Halloween Stomp Simple Thriller Dance Routin.. Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D.. Funeral March of Marionette Skeleton Shake Monster Shuffle Fossils from Carn. of Animals Night On Bald Mountain Calling All the Monsters Ghostbusters Danse Macabre Monster Mash Michael Jackson: Thriller Time Warp
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