Homer's Heroes Grade 4/5


About this webmix : This is a living document of sites we have used in class. Please get adult permission before going online! All credits go to the original creators of the links. Thank you for allowing me to share!
Created by Tracey Homer
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Lego Fractions Equivalent Fractions + and - like denom fractions Simplifying Fractions Add fractions on number line Fraction 2 Decimal 1/100ths Butterfly Method Mixed to improper fractions Fraction 2 Decimal 1/10ths Kinetic City GAME Butterfly & Common Denom ways Converting Improper to mixed + Tenths and Hundredths Constructive and destructive The Water Cycle Song 10 Frame Mania Improper to Mixed fractions
Genetics and Cells Bill Nye Water Cycle Animusic - Pipe Dreams Math is Fun - Maths Typing.com Why Do Clouds Stay U Rube Goldberg DO NOT HURT TV.. Multiplication Games Dance Mat Typing El Nino - What is it? SImple Machines Game AdaptedMind Math TYPING GAME Weather 101: A Tutor Punkin Chunkin Illuminations Math Keyboarding Games Play Fun Games Pronoun SchoolHouse Rock Simple Machines Spelling Games Starfall Learn to spell plura "Prefix or Suffix?" Story Starters Switch Zoo Animal Games "Silent e" by Bazillions Prefixes Rap - Flocabulary Storybird - Artful S Two Vowels Similes and Metaphors Letters of Note Create A Comic Innovation Machine story sta.. Spelling City
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