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NUMBERS 0-100 Numbers 10 - 100 Ordinal Numbers Frequency adverbs, word order BE / HAVE GOT Remplacer par un pronom pers... Introducing somebody else Subject pronouns 3 Wallace and Gromit's morning... Chores The Magic Routine Maker Wallace and Gromit's ro... Month and Seasons Days, months, and seasons Seasons and weather Be / Have Got HAVE GOT Physical description Human body Physical description Physical description word or... Daily routine - Match Daily routine SHREK'S ROUTINE Food Celebrations Halloween : Vocabulary Celebrations - Mrs Allen Action verbs Verbs Physical appearance Adjectives to describe The human body Hairstyles The house House rooms Crazy houses Feelings and states with Ril... Personality and Feelings 2 Personality and Feelings Le déterminant A/AN The British Royal Family Charlie Bucket Family Family members The British Royal Family In my house Parts of the house SCHOOLTHINGS My School Things 2 My School Things School Subjects 2
British money (2) HOW MUCH ARE THOSE SOUVENIRS? English money PART 2 British money (1) At School School subjects British Sports Typical British school subje... Money (shopping) How much is it ? Comprendre les prix School uniform School uniform School uniform Prince George's first day Famous places Let's visit London Let's visit London matching London Places at Hogwarts BE and HAVE Harry Potter Harry Potter Pets Harry Potter School uniform in Harry Pott... a Prince and a Princess at s... Shonny has got a new uniform. In the classroom Willy Wonka's clothes Chocolate Factory The Charlie family Charlie Chocolate Factory Ireland School uniform School uniform In the classroom (a/an/ø) A new school uniform for Emi... Pets 2 Where are the pets ? Pets 3 Pets