JMeter is a analyzing and measuring load testing tool for performance of app services and a unit test tool for connections and processes. It can be a monitor and functional tester.

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Apache JMeter Downloads Apache JMeter Nightly builds Apache JMeter™ Overview JMeter FAQ Apache JMeter Changes Apache JMeter Apache JMeter Apache JMeter Distributed Testing Recording Tests JUnit Sampler Apache JMeter Issues Apache JMeter API Javadocs Licenses JMeter Committers Access Log Sampler Extending JMeter JMeter Tutorials Apache JMeter component ref Apache JMeter Functions Ref US6219803 Test/debug net app US6880109 Functional elemen... Poisson process Poisson distribution Long-tail traffic JMeter Samplers JMeter Samplers US6654911 Interactive test US5905856 software functio... Poisson process Poisson Process & Distributi... Poisson distribution US6560564 WAN load testing US5671351 Sys auto testing Poisson process Poisson Process v Distributi... Poisson process XPath Assertion XPath Assertion US6167534 Load test system US7047446 Load test system... US6295557 App sim traffic US6829731 Gen design-specif... BeanShell BeanShell Intro BeanShell Docs Web Service Testing Tools ArcIMS v MapServe Comparison US5819066 App benchmark serv... US6295557 App sim traffic BeanShell Downloads JMeter BeanShell JMeter BeanShell BeanShell Developer's Area BeanShell BeanShell google-gson Testing Object-oriented Syst...

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