Man vs. Wild


About this webmix : This is the Man vs. Wild Symbaloo fanpage. MAN VS. WILD brings seasoned adventurer Bear Grylls face to face with the grueling task of navigating remote locations, sharing invaluable survival strategies along the way.
Created by Coen Symbaloo
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Mountain Slide Turkish Terrain Barrier Cliffs Raging Rapids Blood Suckers Gone Ashore Giant Centipede Scorpion Lunch Australia Thunderstorms Mexico Cave
Tarantula Breakfast Slug Sandwich African Savannah Fish-Head Breakfast Sea-Snail Lunch Deconstructing a Parachute Bottom-Feeder Filet Ice Parachute Deadly Whitewater Frozen Lake Shipwreck Salvage Dangerous Crossing Chimney Climb Skinning Deer Ice-Cave Escape Take Cover Man vs. Wild Facebook Twitter Wikipedia Bear Grylls Fan vs. Wild
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Coen Symbaloo thanks :) 2013-11-26
Koen Dantuma Wonderfull webmix! 2013-11-26
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