Matheny's Computer Class


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Created by Tiffany Matheny
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Do This 1st Alma Intermediate School New Students-Agreements Melodic Dubstep Google Drive Study Music Alpha Waves Our Skype Calls DubStep-No vocals Digital Citizenship Week Mystery Skype Links 3 Hours of Studying Music
What Is Coding? Mystery Skype Intro Study and Relaxing Music - .. Digital Passport Game Typing Games Digital Citizenship Game 5 Reasons Why Coding is Cool STEM Activites Coding Websites Monday Classes-Code Computer Games Digital Citizenship Research Tuesday Classes-Code Search Engines Programs We Use Microsoft Word Practice Wednesday Clases-Code Library Resources Games from 7th Graders Counselor's Corner / Home Thursday Classes-Code Makey Makey Teen Tech Academy Friday Classes-Code 7th Grade Games: Vote & Play 7th Grade Games-Spring
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