Pennett French 1


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Created by Wendy Pennett
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School subjects French Lesson 38 - FAMILY ME.. Scatter: French Possessive A.. Family and Possessive adject.. C'est à toi! Book 1, Unit 5 .. French body parts! Aller (to go) — Present Tens.. French Possessive Adjectives.. Food in French langu clothing Avoir (to have) — Present Te.. French Possessive Adjectives.. Head, shoulders, knees and f.. Clothing matching game Learn French - The Comparati.. Mlle Ferrone A Le Verbe Avoi.. French Possessive Adjectives..
Professions games Tapis Volant 2: Unit 5 | Cen.. Vouloir song Avoir Rap - YouTube French Possessive Adjectives.. French passe compose with êt.. ♫ Avoir Conjugation Song ♫ F.. French Possessive Adjectives.. Passé Composé of Etre Verbs .. Catholic history of Mardi Gr.. The verb Aller "to go" by ét.. Les mois de l'année - alain .. photos des animaux maison d'echange Easy French 14 - Le système .. Learn French Months Matching Negative expressions J'aime les fruits - alain le.. Avec un gros nez - alain le .. Fruit and vegetables Learn French - At The Doctor.. A French House Recette de la Bouillabaisse .. French Commands Practice Food game French Passé Composé Lesson .. Tarte aux Pommes - YouTube Loire Valley - 12 Best Trips..

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Wendy Pennett Thank you! 2015-11-18
pascal dherve there is an excellent tool to learn how to tell time in French, here: with sound and text 2015-11-16
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