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Created by Jeannie Kry
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Humpback Whale - Nic K. Leopard Seals - Brad Arctic Fox - Gio Lions - Gio Walruses - Zaxh Penguins - Lily Harp Seals - Sabrina Snowshoe Hares - Gianna
Wolverines - Marv Lemmings - Coltyn Snowy Owls - Julissa Harp Seal - Eden Beluga Whale - Jocelyn Arctic Hare - Danyelle Polar Bears - Nicholas B. Puffins by Ethan Vampire Bats -Aldo Cheetah - Ethan Killer Whales - Aldo Rooster - Ethan Army Ants - Aldo Mexico by Nicholas B. Christmas in Spain - Nic Vampire Bats -Aldo Chinese Christmas-Gio & Colt.. Italy - Julissa & Eden France- Danyelle & Sabrina Irish Christmas - Zach & Aldo Christmas in Russia by Ethan

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