The Testatika is an electromagnetic/electrostatic generator based on the 1899 Pidgeon electrostatic machine for energy and/or a combination of electrostatic and magnetic effects.

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US1648958 Evacuated device US1657986 Cathode construct US1661436 He space dicharger US1677316 Photoelectro US1428156 Low-freq amplifier US1585766 Thermionic convert... US1767275 Roof discharger US1782340 Discharge bar US1680377 AC potential gen US1684263 Hot-cathode US1692573 Vac-electrode US1700896 Triode tube US1719988 Electrons AC US1728822 Electron-discharger US1690226 Plural Phase Sys US1803184 Power converter US2104800 Static eliminator US2302003 Discharging floor US1749780 Incandescent-catho... US1763805 Protect arrangement US1775588 Electric valve US1799992 Inductive heating US1806108 Hot cathode US1807331 Battery charger US1835156 Converting AC2DC US1904455 Power converting US2526908 Static grounding US2594372 Overload relay US1829460 Hot cathode US1843645 Discharge tube US1836966 Inductive heating US1852865 Carbon nonemissive US1863407 Hot cathode US1875059 Tuned receiever US1910239 Thermionic amplifi... US1938208 Thermionic power US2601510 Interfer eliminator US2616638 Statics eliminator US1871352 Electron discharger US1877838 Hot cathode US1883898 Thermionics US1889105 Thermionics US1893915 AC Rectifier US1899216 Ef HV circuit US1938209 Thermionic power US1938210 Thermionic Power US2710366 Shoe discharger US2714181 Static eliminator US1903144 Rectifyier US1904261 Indirect heated US1917625 Radiographics US1917963 Hot cathode US1929124 Space current US1930083 Starting app US1938211 Thermionic vapor US1938212 Thermionic power US2790023 Anti-static line US2943242 Anti-statics US1934097 Manufacture of gri... US1941692 Indirect heat cath... US1955537 Electron emitter US1985027 Hot cathode US1946603 Cathode US1954474 Glow cathode US1947093 Converter US1961814 Ef discharger US2985799 Static grounder \US3191094 Static discharger US1954203 3-phase cathode US1962969 Electron discharger US1965641 HzMx Multiplication US1972162 Heater element US1985027 Hot cathode US2000695 Hot cathode US1978528 Ef converter US2038397 Glow dischager US3318243 Static protected US3095523 Hairbrush discharg... US2006737 Flash app US2016152 Indirect heater US2137424 Electron tube US2141059 Zworykin TV US2031340 Cathode heater US2041286 Indirectly heated US3099774 Static discharger US3083318 Brush neutralizing US2236012 Electron discharger US2472760 Discharge electrode US3021428 RE Translation US2245614 Electron discharger US2427732 Mercury vapor tube US2495908 Thermionic dischar... US3359456 Shoes discharger US3387180 Shoe discharger US2569347 Circuit element US2600500 Semiconduct US2602211 Rectifier diode US2602148 Hi-HzMx amplifier US2681993 Semiconduct Circui... US2877365 Torsional tuning US3470416 Static eliminator US3475652 Dual phase elimina...

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